Anvia Holdings Corp Announce The Acquisition of Egnitum Inc.

Today Anvia Holdings Corporation ($ANVV) announced the acquisition of Egnitus Inc. The deal was finalised as a share for share agreement where the current shareholders on Egnitus Inc. will receive equal number of shares in Anvia Holdings.

Egnitus Inc. trading under the brand Egnatium, specialise in coaching and consulting services for organisations and individuals. Anvia CEO, Ali Kasa has made it clear that the vision for Anvia is to become the premier ecosystem for personal and professional growth. This acquisition is a huge step in that direction.

Following the completion of the deal Ali stated, “Acquisition of Egnitus Inc. allows Anvia Holdings to reposition itself as a platform to make personal and organizational growth accessible and sustainable”. The team at IBR agrees with him sentiment. This deal allows Anvia to use the international ecosystem, framework and expertise they have perfected working within the construction industry to help individuals and organisations in need of growth.

This is a big statement of intent from the team at Anvia. We expect some big things from Anvia in the near future as they continue on the path to make personal and professional growth accessible to all regardless of financial position or social status.

Get long!!!

The IBR Team

Press Release: Anvia Holdings Corporation acquires Egnitus Inc

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