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Aurora Labs – Begin Accumulation $1.39 AU

I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Master Investor Show in London with my partner Anna 3 weeks ago. (March 25) The event was very well attended with over 5,000 investors, 100 exhibitors and many great speakers. One company I watched give their pitch was Aurora Labs. Aurora has developed a 3D printer for metals. Managing Director David Budge gave a riveting talk. He described eloquently how the blue sky potential seemed absolutely enormous – and I agree.

Later in the day I swung by the Aurora booth to hear and see more – impressive.

The stock price has been on a roller-coaster ride since first being listed at $0.20 it skyrocketed to a peak of $5.35, giving it a market capitalization of nearly $300 million. It has taken a healthy haircut, closing today at only $1.39.

A great time to step in and accumulate.

Aurora Labs trades on the Australian:  ASX:A3D

Jeff Robinson @contrariansmind


From left to right: Timothy Barker, Marketing and Sales – Anna Morera Leralta of IBR and Managing Director, David Budge at the Aurora Labs booth.


  1. Thank you Francis for your thoughts and feedback – always appreciated.

  2. Research and development is on a fast lane and communication is enabling flow of information.Thanks Jeff for sharing your knowledge with us far off in Kampala,Uganda,East Africa.

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