Betting on the Jockey 101

Steve Jobs once said, “To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”

I was presented and introduced to On4 Communications recently and had a most interesting and engaging conversation wih the CEO, Steve Berman.

Steve is the brainchild behind On4, trading under the ticker $ONCI.

He has put together a very well thought out long-term game plan that should reward shareholders extremely well in the coming 12- 24 months. He calls it Project Hexagon. The company will have 6 synergistic arms all generating significant revenues and profits.

  1. App & App Design: Have a look here at bSafeMobile – The Distracted Driving Solution
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Dental Care
  4. Digital Media
  5. Cannabis 
  6. TBA in 2018 

I like catching and finding these deals early and this definitely fits the bill. The company is doing a complete reorganization and will have a boatload of positive news forthcoming.

IBR will be preparing a full and detailed report for dissemination in the coming 2 weeks.

This has home run written all over it. 

Happy investing!

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  1. Any article that categorizes Steve as a brainchild, haven’t seen his immature antics on Twitter. You think a CEO let alone a MAN act that way while repping the company name is trustworthy? Mature? Poised? Fuuuck no.

    SB will take your money and make pump&dump claims.

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