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Jowan Osterlund founded Biohax International in 2013. With decades of experience in body modification, Jowan is a pioneer in the biohacking community. Safe practice, open source development and environmental responsibility are core values that make Biohax the world leader in human biochip implantation.

The squeamish of you may balk at the notion of being chipped -perhaps imagining an Asimov future or something darker, Orwellian and dystopian. I understand that initial instinctive response – it was mine too.

Until I looked deeper, and thought about the future into which we are already blindly stumbling.

The Digital Age has already begun. Those excluded from it (the 2 billion unbanked souls in the developing world) wish they could join the modern economy. No longer is it possible to obtain credit without an online presence. Those already a part of it cannot live without it.

Whether a spot on the voters’ register, a bank account, or proof of address via utility bills, you are obliged to prove your existence and your economic activity before being allowed to engage with the modern world.

Your digital identity is a complex construct of your browsing habits, social media posts and online accounts. But who verifies the true you? The hacker who created a false Facebook account in your name? The cybercriminal who put you deep into debt or stole your medical record for insurance fraud?

It is clear that something needs to be done. We cannot function in isolation of the digital world. But how do we merge our biological and online identities – so that others know it is genuinely us with whom they are interacting? How can we navigate the virtual world and be secure that only we control our presence and our privacy?

Biohax provides a beautiful, unique and safe solution. Your digital identity is securely stored in your body. You are the password to your online world. The encrypted private key you set (and change whenever you desire) digitally signs your activity as you engage with the world-wide-web. You decide the level of visibility.

If you are still unsure -allow me to make an even more compelling case:

As Chief Medical Officer of Biohax, my primary interest is in your digital health.

When I see you in the emergency room, you may not be conscious. Your relatives may not be with you. And you almost certainly won’t have your medical record to hand. That is, of course, unless access to it is in your hand.

As a doctor, it is critical that I know your medical history, your allergies and your current medications – your life may depend on it. Knowing what tests you have had will avoid costly and potentially dangerous duplication, save time and speed up your treatment. I think it makes sense.

Perhaps the future isn’t as dark as I previously thought. Maybe the security, enhanced privacy and convenience to be gained far outweigh the fear of an imaginary threat.

Either way, I believe strongly in Biohax’s vision. I can’t wait to get chipped!

Dr Stewart Southey MBBCh FRCA MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Biohax International


P.S. German TV Galileo has done a very cool feature on our company Biohax International and CEO Jowan Osterlund – The video can be viewed HERE


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