Biohax – Pre-ICO Investment Opportunity (Part 1)

“A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.” – Bernard Baruch 

This is the first of a three part series leading up to our Biohax Pre-ICO: Mini Intro, Executive Summary and How You Can Invest.

5 months ago I stumbled upon a CNBC article that spoke about a Swedish company that was implanting microchips into people. I reached out to Jowan Osterlund, the CEO and founder of Biohax. We had a series of most interesting chats. I could feel not only his remarkable passion for his work but also my curiosity and excitement was being piqued.

I contacted various colleagues in my network and asked for their feedback. Almost everybody expressed their concern about security and privacy. Almost everybody also agreed that this will be the future.

As for security and privacy, you lost that privilege many moons ago. Safely assume that almost everything you do is somehow and somewhere being monitored and stored.

As for humans being chipped – I do believe in a big way it is the future.

I’m all in as are some serious technologists and investors. I have been recently appointed as Chairman of Biohax.

Two global leaders in their respective fields have recently joined the team as well. (Medical – CMO and Security – CSO) Biohax will formally announce their appointments in the coming weeks.

The Biohax chip has been implanted now in 3500 happy early adopters. I plan to be chipped very soon.

You can Google “Biohax” and see and watch the incredible amount of press to date.

Biohax bridges the gap between the Internet of Things and The Internet of Us –binding your biological and digital identities securely together as one.


You become the vault for your digital integrity – putting you back in control of you!


More to come soon…


                                 Part 2, Biohax: Executive Summary to be published October 13,2017.


                                 Part 3, Biohax: How You Can Invest to be published Oct 24, 2017.




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