Cryptocurrencies, ICO’s and Blockchain.


“Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.” – Joseph Wood Krutch.

At Internet Bull Report (IBR), we are what one could describe as an eclectic team, working towards the same goal: To provide valuable insight, commentary and timely information on investment opportunities and the markets. Our core team consists of our resident M.D., Dr. Anna Morera Leralta (@medtechpreneur), who specializes in integrative medicine and CBD clinical research, our C.E.O. Jeff Robinson (@contrariansmind), a contrarian investor and globally regarded technology investor with 30+ years of capital market experience and myself, David Kavanagh, a software engineer with a fascination for new technologies, human optimization and the intersection of tech with modern culture.

Our interests span a range of subjects, brought together here in a proverbial melting pot of random thoughts, logical reasoning and straightforward actionable advice. We use our combined expertise in wide-ranging topics to distinguish ourselves from other market pundits.

Over the past months, many of you have reached out asking for our opinion on the volatile, yet booming Cryptocurrency market. A market expected to be valued at $1 Trillion by years end. (Apple hit a Trillion $ market cap yesterday). In fact, if you had invested $100 into Bitcoin during its first year in 2009, you would be wealthier to the tune of $3.67 million today. Even the most conservative traders can’t help but have their heads turned as Cryptocurrencies and ICO’s continually hit the headlines.

Personally, it was the new technologies behind the crypto revolution that initially peaked my interest. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on a new application that will utilize Blockchain technology to track Hemp derived CBD from seed to store. Understanding and implementing this technology has given me a new appreciation and clear discernment regarding Cryptocurrencies. Jeff, being the contrarian thinker and market addict has been following the Crypto space closely since it’s infancy.

We pride ourselves on delivering value to our subscribers, so one would understand our reluctance to frivolously throw our backing behind a crypotcurrency without having an in-depth understanding of what we are backing. This is a particularly difficult market to predict. 74% of the top 50 cryptocurrencies issued are down 50% or more for 2018. Despite that, we are now very confident in our combined expertise and have made the decision to begin our coverage of all things Crypto, ICO and Blockchain.

Let us do the heavy lifting, while you sit back and enjoy the rewards. Keep an eye on the IBR website as we will be adding a new Crypto page over the coming days.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and keep learning!

David Kavanagh (@david_kav)

P.S. As always, feel free to send us your thoughts and of course any deals we should be having a look at.

David Kavanagh

Chief Technical Officer. - BSc(Hons) in Applied Computing. - Dedicated, diligent and inquisitive. Passionate about the possibilities for Crypto & Blockchain. A lifelong learner in many areas including Martial Arts, technology, history and philosophy. I believe having a wide range of interests expands ones horizons, leading to a better understanding in individual pursuits. Love to travel and to experience new ideas and cultures.

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