Demystifying Cannabis – Documentary

Demystifying Cannabisa myth-busting documentary, is set to be released April 20, the international weed day.

The documentary tackles, according to its producers, Sylvie Peltier and Greg Nosaty;

the myths and taboos that characterise the complex plant, and the stigma faced by its consumers”.

The date of April 20 – is widely recognized as “weed day” among pot smokers – why the producers saw it as a perfect fit to release their new cannabis documentary.

The production of Demystifying Cannabis took the duo on an “unexpected journey and taught us much more than we expected,” according to a website post that explores the subject of cannabis as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The documentary planned to air on several television networks, festivals and presentations but that is a current no go.

However, there is a way for the curious.

Get an exclusive premiere peak of the cannabis documentary 👉 through this private invitation 📩.

Watch this myth-busting documentary reveal:

  • The true addictiveness of cannabis
  • How the black market profits from the marijuana taboo
  • How to finally kill the black market
  • How legalization can actually reduce youth consumption



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