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Dr. Greg Bailey: Juvenescence and Longevity

How long would you like to live if you were healthy?


By Jeff Robinson:

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Gregory Bailey, CEO of Juvenescence.

“Nobody wants to live to 120 if for the last 60 years of that you are in a wheelchair or have Alzheimer’s,” Dr. Bailey says.

Lifespan and healthspan are two completely separate terms – and the gap between them is the key challenge that companies like Dr. Bailey’s are facing.

Advances in computer technology, research and life sciences are closing the hole of what’s been considered possible for many decades.

Science fiction is becoming science and it’s becoming very real.


Mankind’s Ageing Reaches Escape Velocity

What we discover in the next 50 years will allow you to live to 200. What we discover in those 100 years will allow you to live to 300.

And so on.

The average expected lifespan – if the only way we could die would be by accident, suicide or homicide – ranges somewhere between 600 and 1024 years, depending on the model.

The same model also predicts that one in a billion people will live to 25,000 years of age.

Neurodegeneration and tissue regeneration are currently negating factors for bridging the lifespan and healthspan gap.


Who is Dr. Greg Bailey?

Dr. Greg Bailey is CEO and co-founder of a global biotech company, Juvenescence, that develops therapies to treat diseases of ageing and increase human longevity.

He sees the commercial opportunities as being largely in improving old age and is actively involved in many ventures regarding longevity.

Dr. Greg Bailey is a Medical Doctor who worked 10+ years in the ER and then into the venture capital biotechnology sector.


Transitioning from Medicine to Biotechnology 


What it Takes to be a Successful Biotech Entrepreneur


The Importance of Asking WHY vs HOW


Dr. Greg Bailey’s formula for success?
Remarkable Communication, Persistence and A Stellar Team


From Biohaven to Juvenescence

Although a doctor by training, Dr. Bailey has a long track record in the industry. Juvenescence is his fourth senior biotech company.

Others include Medivation, which was bought by Pfizer for USD 14 billion, and Biohaven, which trades on the New York Stock Exchange ($BHVN) and currently has a market capitalisation of more than USD 4 billion.

Juvenescence has raised USD $250 million to-date to create joint ventures and build an ecosystem of seasoned drug developers to support scientists, universities, and institutions specializing in ageing, senescence, and the diseases of ageing.

Bank of America predicts the Longevity industry to become a $504 billion market by 2025.

“My first company made a prostate cancer drug, and 240,000 men in Europe will get prostate cancer – but 400 million Europeans are going to age, so it’s a completely different proposition,” says Dr. Bailey.

“If the drug can be made for 5 cents, I don’t need to charge more than a dollar because the patient population who can afford a dollar a day is probably a billion people globally, which of course would translate to USD 365 billion per year. But it will not be one drug; it will be a cocktail, probably unique to that patient or person.”


The Success Story from Biohaven to Juvenescence


How Juvenescence Came To Be


Juvenescence’s Funding Cycles


A Look into the Future

Mental health is the other elephant in the room.

A problem to which psychedelics may offer a unique solution. Thereby addressing the growing concerns of a mental health crisis.

Dr. Greg Bailey is very optimistic about the recent resurgence of psychedelic research and the latest findings.


The Potential of Medicinal Psychedelics


The Power of the Upcoming Metabolic Switch

For the full interview – check out this link.

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