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For your consideration: 

As Managing Director of Marijuana Accelerator I see an incredible amount of interesting marijuana related deals. 80% will fail, 10% might break-even and 10% will likely be home runs.

We have a handful of startups going through our very early stage due-diligence. We also have one that absolutely stands out and has passed the sniff test: MJ Stay – This belongs in the “likely to be a home run” category.

MJ Stay is a marijuana friendly Airbnb. Apartments and hosts will be MJ friendly offering not only cannabis but experiences to complement.

Imagine being able to arrive at your vacation or work apartment and having your favorite weed ready for you…(For all sorts of reasons we can’t expand too much just yet on the big idea)

We got the idea immediately, we think you will too.

Airbnb recently raised a cool $1 Billion at a $31 Billion valuation.

If you like the MJ Stay idea and see the enormous potential as we do please reach out immediately to:


This opportunity to invest alongside some very bright people and smart money will come and go quickly.

*N.B. Investments like this do come with a very high degree of risk. Only invest capital you can afford to completely lose. 

Jeff Robinson



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