ePlay Digital Announce Strategic Partnership with Wuhan to create Medical Cannabis App

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPYtoday announced a strategic partnership agreement with Wuhan General Group (China), Inc. (OTC PINK: WUHN). The partnership will see the two companies working together to create the Dr. Anna MD app – a practical guide to cannabis. The mobile app, which will be available for iPhone and Android customers, will be developed using ePlay Digital’s subsidiary Mobivivo’s Augmented Reality (AR) platform.

This is a big move for both companies. ePlay makes it’s first move into an exploding new marketplace, while Wuhan and their new CMO Dr. Anna Morera Leralta will work closely with ePlay to develop the first of its kind augmented reality app to support medical cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) product marketing and sales.

“Augmented Reality will help people learn about and easily understand the medical benefits of CBD and related cannabis products directly on their mobile phones,” says Dr. Anna. “Advancing the community’s insight of cannabis and cannabinoids, and ultimately providing society with alternative options and best practices is badly needed.”

We are very proud of Dr. Anna here at IBR. Having worked closely together for some time, we have had first hand experience seeing how dedicated, professional and thorough she is with her work. Dr. Anna has worked tirelessly to establish herself as a dedicated researcher, thought leader and medical practitioner in the CBD and Integrative Medicine field. This partnership, and the resulting mobile app will allow her to bring her medical expertise to the cannabis industry at an opportune moment.

We expect some big announcements coming from all parties involved soon. This is a great time to get out in front and get yourself involved in a project that has the potential to make a huge mark on the medical cannabis and CBD market.

Get long!

The IBR Team 

Full Press Release: ePlay and Wuhan Announce Strategic Partnership to Create New Medical Cannabis App


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