ePlay Digital Begins To Take Off (CNSX:EPY)

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Since our initial mention of ePlay Digital Inc just 40 days ago at .10 cents the shares have had a nice pop reaching an intraday high of .32 and closing yesterday at .22. The move has been supported by significant above average trading volumes. (Aug 3 – 6.05M   Aug 4 – 5.17M   Aug 8 – 3.77M)

Why the move and what’s next?

We would like to think that the mere fact that our “On Our Radar” mention to our subscribers was the reason but as always, we do our very best to remain humble.

The company has made 3 notable press releases of late, here, here and here warranting greater investor attention and action.

IBR will be digging deeper into the ePlay Digital story and what may lay ahead in the coming days.

We like what we see – a lot. We like it as much today at .22 as we did at .10. Buy without hesitation up to .35.

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