ePlay Digital Inc Pops Up on IBR Radar (CNSX: EPY)

“One man’s burden, is another man’s opportunity” – Unknown

For the last 5 years Barcelona has hosted the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry: Mobile World Congress (MWC). It offers me a great opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe. Some are attendees, some exhibitors.

This year I was introduced to and met with Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital Inc.

ePlay was an exhibitor and was named by Mashable as one of the ” Top Innovative Companies at MWC 2017″impressive.

When we met back in February, ePlay shares were trading between $.35 -.50 CDN with some ok liquidity.

Trevor has an impressive background with many success stories and of course his share of failures. He shared his 30,000 foot view of the ePlay road map, again, impressive and well thought out.

Corporately it appears Trevor is executing on his game plan. Unfortunately for shareholders the stock has taken a good beating – now trading at $.10 CDN. I smell a good opportunity.

A great time to nibble away – Get long!

More about ePlay here.

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