ePlay Digital Rebrand Subsiduary to Mobovivo ESPORTS™

Today ePlay Digital (CSE:EPY) announced that it is going to rebrand one of its subsidiaries to Mobovivo ESPORTS. ePlay are moving to take advantage of the massive explosion of involvement and interest in esports.

The popularity of mobile gaming is growing rapidlyePlay is publishing a series of sports, esports, and entertainment titles under the Big Shot™ franchise. Other mobile esports titles are emerging in North America, China, and around the world,” says ePlay Digital CEO, Trevor Doerkson. “Mobovivo ESPORTS game and streaming platform is a destination to engage mobile esports viewers, streamers, developers, networks, and advertisers.

In 2017 the global esports market was valued at almost $493 Million. Experts now predict a 40% year on year growth, which will increase the market to $1.6 Billion in 2020.

ePlay’s decision to rebrand its subsidiary will align it more closely with an exciting and growing new marketplace. This decision is a wise one. The company already has the proven ability and experience of delivering great mobile solutions for global brands such as NFL, NBA, Sony Pictures and ESPN.

Many experts, including Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell, are confidently proclaiming esports will soon be bigger than and any traditional sport. Not to mention, discussions about esports being included into the Olympics have already begun. ePlay have been proactive in carving out some space for themselves in the marketplace and we expect this to pay huge dividends in the near future.

Read the full press release: ePlay Digital to Rebrand Subsidiary to Mobovivo ESPORTS™ to Drive Mobile Esports

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