Funding Friday #1: Atiko ?

Welcome to our very first Funding Friday where we feature companies from all around the globe, private or public, seeking investment capital.

Today we are delighted to present: Atiko.

Everybody knows Airbnb ($30B valuation), well let us introduce you to Atiko, the Airbnb for small events! ?

Atiko is a Barcelona based startup, founded in June 2017 by 3 very bright entrepreneurs. It’s a marketplace enabling a user to book a private venue for a small event (25-30 people). Most of the available spaces for rent are private rooftops and patios, but some hosts have indoor spaces, gardens with swimming pool and so on. Atiko is proving up the model in Barcelona and Madrid and in early 2019 it plans to open up in 10 more cities.

”Business is booming. The only venue options you have to celebrate a small event (a birthday for instance) are the bars and restaurants. But it’s not private, quite expensive and noisy. With Atiko, we offer private and stunning venues for you to celebrate with a very attractive price.” says Hilaire Besse, CEO and one of three co-founders.

After a successful 2018 test launch, Atiko is looking for capital to scale. The current round they seek is E350,000.

Watch this video here.

Explainer video here. (in Spanish)

For all the details please reach out to Hilaire Besse at:

You can also send a Whatsapp message by clicking here.

Good luck and wishing everybody a very happy and healthy weekend! ??

Dr. Anna, Jeff & David.

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