Gold Hits IBR Radar – Target $2500

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Gold Spot as of Oct 10, 2017: $1291 US – More info

Inflation, geopolitical risk, jewelry and industrial demand, currency hedge, and many more reasons to own gold so say the pundits. One could make a sound case for any.

With gold trading at $1291 US is it time to buy?

At IBR we like to keep things really simple.

The best argument for owning gold is very clear: It is one of the very few asset classes not trading at an all time high fueled by rampant irrational speculation. We are in the calm before the storm stage.

It’s time for gold to shine again, and it will, brilliantly.

We are looking for gold to hit $2500 by mid 2018 – a +-100% gain from current levels.

Many different ways to invest depending on your risk tolerance level.

IBR will be announcing soon a small-cap that it loves. It should reward investors handsomely, and then some.

Stay tuned,

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