IBR November 2017 Portfolio Update: $EPY, $GRST, $PNTV, $NGTF

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One of our favourite sayings at IBR is “The Pigs Get Fat and The Hogs Get Slaughtered”. In other words, being a bit greedy is ok, being too greedy will likely cause you to lose it all.

Five months ago, we first mentioned ePlay Digital trading symbol $EPY on the CSE at .10 CDN. The shares hit an intraday high yesterday of .54 on very brisk volume of 14.2M.

ePlay is making lots of good corporate news and the significant upward move in the share price is reflecting it. We do think taking anything up to 50% off the table is warranted. A 500% gain in just 5 months is nothing to sneeze at. Another early present from Santa.

Bitcoin. We last mentioned Bitcoin 4 months ago. We correctly called for a 50% depreciation from $3800. It’s that time again and we feel a 50% markdown is in the cards from today’s $10,500 level.

Aurora Labs $ASX;A3D We first alerted you at $1.39. We like the 3D space a ton but unfortunately Aurora is not meeting our expectations on many fronts. Sell and move on at $.96.

Ethema Health, $GRST is currently one of two sleepers we really like (the other being Nightfood). The shares are trading around the .07 US level and we see a 15X in 2018. Read more about Ethema’s acquisition of the state of the art 175 bed treatment facility in West Palm Beach, Florida here. Buy it and tuck it away and have a look at the end of Q1 2018.

Player’s Network, $PNTV continues to impress and 2018 will be no doubt a banner year. More on this and the Marijuana Accelerator coming soon. If you are visiting Las Vegas, feel free to pop in and visit the offices. Get a tour and learn all about how Player’s has perfected the process of Seed to Sale. The shares are cheap at .08 US.

Nightfood, $NGTF Cool videos and TV commercials will be released soon. Below is a little teaser. Product sales continue to grow very impressively. We’ve tried the bars, they taste great and yes, they do work! Order your bars from the website here. We think a 10X is in store for $NGTF for 2018.

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