IBR Portfolio Crushing It in 2017!

We are pleased as punch to share our results to date with you and a small commentary.

Aurora Labs shares have taken a good hit, down 46% from our first bullish call. We love the sector and will find other companies no doubt. We liked Aurora at 1.39 and at .64 we like it even more.

Biohaven has had a stellar performance since it’s IPO just 4 months ago. Some downside risk and volatility ahead with clinical trial results to be published in Nov/Dec. Poor results may rock the stock down +- 25%. Be nimble.

Bitcoin and Ether have both had huge moves. We recently called a top (Thank you Paris Hilton for the signal) and suggested to stay clear for now and take your massive profits and run.

ePlay Digital continues to impress. New contracts, NBA celebs joining the team and a possible massive home run in the making with the upcoming full release of their Augmented Reality Platform. Very aggressive buy in our opinion.

Facebook, has performed admirably. Still more room on the upside.

Dow, getting long in the tooth. Far too many new highs and far too much complacency. Looking for a good sell off in the near term.

Medivation was called perfectly – price and timing. A nice home run for those that bought the common and for those that bought call options – what a once in a lifetime return!

MGT, we alerted you super early and what a call this has been. We expect tons of volatility, but the trend is up and up. (more coming soon)

Company Symbol Our First Call Current Price Our Position %
*Company Takeover Completed.
**Shorting The Stock Was Recommended.
***Recommended Selling.
Aurora Labs ASX:A3D $1.39 AUS $0.64 AUS  Open – 46.04
Biohaven Pharmaceuticals BHVN $15.00 $37.00  Open 146.66
Bitcoin USD BTC $860.00 $3782.84  Closed 339.86
ePlay Digital Inc. CNSX:EPY $0.10 CDN $0.16 CDN  Open 60
Etherium ETH $7.15 $277.68  Closed 3783.63
Facebook Inc. FB $116.50 $170.29  Open 46.17
Dow Jones Index DJIA 21,271.97 22,399.56  Closed – 5.3
Medivation Inc.* MDVN $40.00 $81.44  Closed 103.6
MGT Capital Investments Inc. MGTI $0.55 $2.42  Open 361.82
Player’s Network Inc. PNTV $0.02 $0.08  Open 300
Portage Biotech Inc. PTGEF $0.10 $0.48  Open 380
Snap Inc.** SNAP  $22. $13.65  Open 61.17

Player’s Network  had a great run on crazy volumes. The recent pullback and consolidation were needed. I’m expecting some great stuff from the team that will surely translate into a much higher share price very soon. (more coming soon)

Portage, what a phenomenal story. From just a few million in the bank 4 years ago to now having over $265 million in liquid securities. (no typo, update coming soon)

Snap, we continue to dislike. Really simple due diligence – Ask your kids if they are still using it, do they like it or are they using something new, better and different? (new, better and different is the answer)

We have really enjoyed our first 9 months and are delighted with our results.

Thank you to my two partners, Anna and David for your dedication and hard work.

Thank you to our subscribers for sending in your tips – We look at them all.

Onwards and Upwards!

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