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IBR Q1 2018 Portfolio Update

“Same Shit, Different Day” – Stephen King

Brexit, trade wars, higher taxes, lower taxes, Trump, higher interest rates, bond market, earnings, crypto currencies, oil, China, Putin, Syria, ISIS, Euro zone, business confidence, volatility, complacency, FANG stocks, mini skirts, Fed Rate, North Korea, commodities, Super Bowl Indicator, and did I mention Trump?

Headlines all the same…

People refer to any of the above and many more as “reasons” for markets moving up and down. To some degree, some do have an impact. The truth is, markets are made and trade based on greed and fear, and of course, supply and demand.

The real reason why the markets continue to trend higher? The economy has never been so robust. This market is beyond resilient and will continue to head north to 30,000 by year-end.

Q1 has been a period of digestion, pullback and consolidation for markets globally. Exactly what’s needed to set up strong gains for the rest of 2018.

IBR Portfolio

ePlay Digital ($EPY) seems to be ready for round 2. Here is a press release from 3 days ago. With a miniscule market cap of just $4.5M the shares are cheap. On our first go with ePlay we had a nice 5x return in just 5 months. We see the same possibility if not more. Reload at $.12 and look for it to test $.60.

Ethema Health ($GRST). Great idea; poor management execution. We were really excited to be working in the addiction space and Ethema seemed to have a great plan of action. To date, not much progress has been made and hence we are no longer bullish on Ethema. Dead money. A real shame. Sell at $.06 (our original alert price).

Bitcoin, Ether et al. Nice to see a very healthy 65% pullback for all these coins from their highs. Bitcoin after reaching $19,843 retraced back to a current $6,832. Ether reached $1,420 and now trades at $412. Where do they go next? We’re guessing a good final whacking will take both down a further 30%. Stay away for now until the dust settles.

Player’s Network ($PNTV). After a very nice run to $.23 from our first mention at $.02, the shares sold off all the way back to $.05. Player’s put out this PR just 2 days ago – profitability in 2018. The stock is a buy in around this $.045+ range. A target of $.12-$.15 for year-end 2018. 

Nightfood ($NGTF). We first alerted our followers Nov 07, 2017 at $.08. In just a few months the shares moved up to touch a high of $.70. Today the shares are trading at a $.21. The company has a ton on the go with some very bright minds at work including world renown sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus. 2018 target of $.75 – Get your nighttime snacking under control, order here.

Snap Inc ($SNAP). We continue to love our short position call. Our 2018 target is $5.00.

Dow Jones Index ($DJI). 30,000 here we come by year-end.

CLS Holdings ($CLSH) We first alerted you Dec 18, 2017 at $.68. We liked what we heard about their acquisition plans in the marijuana sector. Unfortunately, from what we see and read, not much has changed. Big plans, no execution. The shares are currently trading at $.70. Time to move on. Sell.

Marksmen Energy ($MAH). A few weather and equipment related delays put them behind schedule about 60 days. The shares are about the same price as when we first made our alert, $.22. As more positive news from the drilling becomes public, we expect the shares to have a banner 2018 and test the $1.00 mark.

On4 Comminications ($ONCI) is very new to our portfolio. Steve Berman, the founder and CEO behind it, is a true visionary. Looking forward to working with him. Our full report will be out late next week. A gift at $.0029. (Big thank you to the Wrenchman for helping provide DD) 

Yippy, Inc ($YIPI). Without a doubt one of our favorite stocks to own for 2018. Search is/will change dramatically and Yippy will be a big part of it. It’s like owning Google in the early days. IBM owns 8% of the shares and GlobalStar 18%. We expect a very healthy upward move to $1.75+. CEO Richard Granville can be found on the front cover of April 2018 CIO Applications. Important news just released today here.

Dthera Sciences ($DTHR). Really interesting to see how the company is tackling Dementia and Alzheimer’s using software. Great team, great product.

Gold $1,291 was our original alert. Not much to date has happened with it trading at $1,340 today. We remain very bullish and see much higher prices in 2018.

As with last year, the IBR Portfolio continues to offer great returns on investment. We envisage 2018 being an even better year for our active subscribers and would like to thank those of you that have reached out to show your appreciation.

You can find our brand new Portfolio page here. Now our subscribers can follow our recommendations in real-time and see the potential returns.

Always keep some powder dry and be ready for the next big winner.

Jeff & The IBR Team



“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet






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