India Breaks World Record For Covid Cases


India reports record new coronavirus cases for the fifth consecutive day. Countries come to promise aid.

There has been a massive spike in coronavirus cases during the month of April. The official report says there have been over 352,991 new cases over a 24 hour period making the total infection cross over 17 million. This has resulted in more than 2,000 deaths per day making the total count over 195,000 deaths. 

Countries including United States, Britain and Germany come to aid

The country is in the midst of a crisis having acute shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supply even for the critically ill. This has led to country’s healthcare system to a brink. United States will be sending raw materials to ramp up manufacturing of vaccines locally. United Kingdom, France and Germany will be pooling resources according to India’s request. Singapore and China are also ready to provide aid to the country.

Source: Reuters, Indiatoday, Nytimes,