Indonesian Giant Will Make All The Vehicles Electric By 2030


Gojek an Indonesian ride-hailing giant has decided to make all its app vehicles electric by the end of the decade. The main focus will be attaining “Three Zeros” according to the CEO of the company.

Gojek is an Indonesian ride-hailing app. The CEO of the company has announced its plans as a sustainable strategy. It plans to make all its motorcycle and car in the app an electric vehicle by 2030.  The company will invest in a series of EV programs in Southeast Asia. They announced their plans on Friday with the companies first sustainability report which highlights the ESG targets.

A goal to attain “Three Zeros” by the end of 2030

The three zeros here being said stand for zero waste, zero emission, and zero socio-economic barriers. This is the agenda for the company which they want to attain by end of the decade. The 11-year-old company has plans to launch its “world-first” in-app carbon offsetting feature. There has been an interest already with battery manufactures and Indonesian authorities which will assist the company to shift to green energy. Recently Gojek has plans to merge with an E-Commerce company Tokopedia to form a multi-function app GoTo.


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