Lifesaver for Remote Workers During Wuhan CoronaVirus

flooidCX Announces Assistance For Emergency Response Organizations, Non-Profits And Small Businesses Affected With Covid-19 Hardships

The world is brought to a sudden stand-still by the Wuhan coronavirus.

Some industries are brought to its knees – surviving only on a tiny lifeline.

In hard times everyone is affected – and those with the least are affected the most.

The Wuhan Coronavirus brings us together – to look after each other.

The customer care and feedback management solutions company flooidCX (OTC: FLCX) has announced a life buoy program for their customer care solutions, Resolution1, completely FREE for the next 12 months.

To Apply to their TOGETHER2020 Assistance Program simply contact:

For more details, read the full press release below:

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2020 / flooidCX Corp. (FLCX) – As we enter unprecedented times with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic it’s understandable that everyone is feeling uneasy as they face uncertainty and concerns, searching for answers from health, government or other emergency response organizations, as well as contacting businesses for updates to their customer care issues or other inquiries.

“The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation is unsettling as it upends and overwhelms many organizations including the daily operations of many small businesses. As the situation quickly cascades throughout the North American economy, public and private organizations are now faced with a multitude of challenges that often begin at the front lines where team members are bombarded with calls, emails and online inquiries. During these uncertain times, we want to do our part in supporting those organizations and small businesses that require assistance in managing the influx of calls and inquiries overwhelming their internal resources. As such we created the TOGETHER2020 program to offer our support to emergency response organizations, nonprofits and our small business communities across North America, affected by COVID-19, by making some of our customer care solutions available at NO COST for the next 12 months to help with recording, tracking and managing all incoming inquiries and customer care issues efficiently.” stated Founder & CEO, Richard Hue, who also adds, “Most small business owners simply DO NOT have a way to manage the influx of incoming calls or emails with which they have been inundated, which will result in longer term effects to their businesses beyond COVID-19, as consumers will remember their customer support experiences. Resolution1 was created to help manage this process efficiently, creating a cloud-based call-center-like experience by ticketing, tracking and managing all incoming inquiries enabling team members to manage these day to day functions from anywhere.”

The world is connected like never before and we’re here to help organizations and small businesses to stay connected while keeping their customers up to date and informed. Our thoughts are with those families and businesses who are affected by this virus. Let’s continue to support one another for unity will always be our strength. If your organization or small business is directly impacted by COVID-19 and as a result facing logistical and/or financial hardships, let us know by reaching out to us at to apply for assistance.

About flooidCX Corp.: flooidCX  is the customer experience solutions company. We are the global experts who help bridge the customer care and feedback gap between companies and consumers by unifying communications and collaborations over one seamless platform. We utilize our proprietary intuitive suite of solutions that assist businesses to listen, learn and reach out to consumers at the right time.

About Resolution1, Inc.: Resolution1 is a “cloud-based” call center-like solution where customers can contact a business via omni-channeled options convenient to them. Businesses can manage the logistics of Customer Care, Feedback or Inquiries throughout their entire organization on one seamless platform. Resolution1 enhances the customer experience and protects a business’s reputation by providing solutions to respond instantly while keeping track of every customer inquiry.

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