Live to 120 and Make Millions Doing It – “Juvenescence”

British billionaire and biotech investor extraordinaire Jim Mellon will release his new book: “Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity” tomorrow in London. Watch the video here.

Jim is calling this next opportunity his biggest yet where many many billions are up for grabs to smart early investors. Read the book overview here.

Jim and his co-author Al Chalabi have published four books: “Wake Up!” (2005), “10 Investments for the Ten Years Ahead” (2008), “Cracking the Code” (2012) and “Fast Forward” (2014). All have been excellent reads filled with so much useful and practical information.

I highly encourage you to order your copy. You will learn to live a healthier longer life and be exposed to new investment ideas that will reap massive gains in due course.

P.S. Our very own Anna Morera Leralta (MD 2018) interned at Jim’s company this summer in London. An absolutely incredible learning experience being able to combine medicine, technology and investment banking. 

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