M2Bio (OTC: $WUHN) Is Bringing Renowned Investor On Board As Strategic Advisor


M2Bio Sciences (OTC: $WUHN) is bringing a significant North American financier on board as the company’s first strategic advisor.

Things are moving rapidly ahead for the bioceutical company and its groundbreaking research on psilocybin in South Africa. M2Bio Sciences was one of the first publicly trading companies to leap into the psychedelics sector and has come very far since.

In a recent press release, M2Bio Sciences announces that Sheldon Inwentash, a prominent Canadian investor, is joining the firm as a strategic advisor. Sheldon has deep experience in the high-tech sector, namely biotech, and a vast network that he can leverage in his advisory role providing great value to the company.

Sheldon Inwentash is a seasoned investor that has invested in numerous high-tech companies, has had several +$1 billion dollar exits, and has been instrumental in raising $15 billion for his portfolio companies over the last 15 years.

His firm, ThreeD Captial, which specializes in early-stage high-tech and junior exploration companies has also invested US$450.000 in M2Bio in a private placement deal.

Sheldon Inwentash, Chairman and CEO of ThreeD Capital (CSE: $IDK) stated:

“The investment thesis of ThreeD Capital is that psychedelics are going to experience a paradigm-shifting and parabolic growth stage over this decade, leading to a critical role in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues that traditional pharmaceuticals have not been able to adequately solve. Though we have made other smaller investments in the space, our investment in [M2Bio Sciences] represents our largest investment to date in a psychedelics company. We are investing in [M2Bio Sciences] because of the deep expertise and scientific knowledge this company has in psychedelics.”



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Read the full press release here:

Financier Sheldon Inwentash Joins Wuhan General Group as Strategic Advisor

CAPE TOWN, SA / ACCESSWIRE / January 27, 2021 / WUHAN GENERAL GROUP, INC. (OTC PINK:WUHN) (“Wuhan” or the “Company”), a bioceutical company focused on alternative plant-based cannabinoids and psilocybin medical research is pleased to announce today that the Company has entered into an advisory agreement with Sheldon Inwentash.

Sheldon is well-known in the North American capital markets for his investment prowess and strategies, for revolutionizing the resource investment model and for creating very significant shareholder value and returns through early investments. He helps the companies in which he invests by providing counsel and guidance to the C-suite. Sheldon’s investment approach has helped him build a remarkable reputation and track record. Sheldon will utilize his expertise and his industry resources to assist Wuhan’s efforts to develop and grow.

“Thrilled to have Sheldon aboard! His dazzling ability to introduce and connect strategic partners through his vast global network is priceless.” said Jeff Robinson, CEO of Wuhan General Group.

Mr. Inwentash added, ” Jeff has put together a great team to date with a most interesting roadmap. I’m really looking forward to adding value immediately. Wuhan has a very bright future. ”

Mr. Inwentash is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of ThreeD Capital Inc. (IDKFF)(IDK)



Full Disclosure: Jeff Robinson is the CEO, Dr.Anna Morera Leralta the CMO, and Luka Marjanovic is the Director of HR of M2Bio Sciences. Please feel free to contact Jeff via email at jeff@m2bio.co.

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