M2Bio Sciences (OTC: $WUHN) Joins Forces with Local Cape Town Company to Impact Community

CNC Products

M2Bio Sciences announced this week a new partnership with CNC Products, the preferred food supplier to top chefs, restaurants, and home cooks all across South Africa.

The past year has been rough for Capetonians and South Africa as a whole. Cape Town is known for being one of Africa’s top tourist destinations for its diversity of food, landscapes, and cultures. But the COVID-19 pandemic was an enormous shock to South Africa’s already struggling economy.

Before the pandemic, South Africa was already facing high unemployment and growing income inequality. When the pandemic hit, the country was forced into a hard lockdown of its economy. Unlike many other economies, South Africa did not have the financial resources to support its workforce when businesses closed their doors.

Local businesses in Cape Town have shown a willingness to step up and do their part to help the city recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

CNC Products is a supplier of over 360 food products to restaurants and home cooks across South Africa. They launched the “Souper Trooper” initiative in 2014 to help homeless people take whatever steps are necessary to make sustainable changes in their lives. During the lockdown, they set up the Souper Troopers Hunger Relief Fund, which funded over 150 feeding schemes in the poorest areas of western Cape Town.

They also operate “The Humanity Hub” in collaboration with several other businesses in Cape Town, addressing the homeless population’s most basic needs, including clothes, food, and toiletries. Additionally, the initiative provides counseling, skills training, medical referrals, family mediation, job preparation, creative workshops, and micro-entrepreneurial opportunities to those in need.

CNC and M2Bio Sciences are now partnering to promote M2Bio’s Medspresso line on CNC’s e-commerce platform and collaborate on social responsibility initiatives to build positive brand awareness within Cape Town and throughout South Africa. Both companies are incredibly excited to collaborate on projects to give back to their communities and use their resources to effectuate positive change.

“It is such a pleasure to form this partnership with a company such as M2Bio Sciences, who value both giving back to communities as well as providing customers with exceptional quality products as much as we do.” – Charlene Shapiro, Founder & CEO of CNC