M2Bio Taking a Leading Stance on Functional Foods with Latest Launch


The bioceutical company, M2Bio Sciences (OTC: $WUHN) has announced the launch of a sub-brand of their brand Medspresso™ – effectively positioning the company at the front of the functional foods trend.

Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. Proponents of functional foods say they promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease.

The future of food is functional.

Consumers are starting to choose food (and beverage) products not only for the nutrition or enjoyment they provide, but also for the additional functions they can offer to help us better live our lives.

A power move of M2Bio to take a leading stance on this trend. The company has recently moved forward with its land acquisition to grow medicinal cannabis and appointed the grandfather of African medicinal cannabis as its COO.

The sweets their sub-brand ‘Handcrafted Delights’ are, naturally, also infused with CBD.



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Medspresso Launches Handcrafted Delights, CBD Infused Functional Foods

CAPE TOWN, SA / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2020 / WUHAN GENERAL GROUP, INC. (OTC PINK:WUHN) (“Wuhan” or the “Company”), a bioceutical company focused on alternative plant-based cannabinoids and psilocybin medical research is pleased to share the following update regarding its Medspresso brand:

The company is pleased to announce the upcoming product launch of “Handcrafted Delights” by MedspressoTM. The new line entails medical-grade organic CBD infused treats made with top-shelf natural and organic ingredients ethically sourced from across Africa.

The Company’s mission these past few months was to design, formulate and bring to light, healthy and exceptional substitutes for guilty pleasures under this new sub-brand “Handcrafted Delights“.

This novel brand kicks-off with a range of unique, scrumptious and healthy cookies that will do justice to the tagline “The Good Kind of Guilty“. As good as coffee and cookies are together, this is just the beginning of many more CBD infused products currently under development by the “Foodicine team”.

This new brand will treat you with an initial 10 moreish cookies that are listed below. Each with the common benefits like reducing pain, boosting energy, relieving stress, providing antioxidants, and improving immunity. In addition, an assortment of vegan options is available:

  • Matcha & white choc chip
    • Benefits: boosts physical energy and brain function, and supports weight-loss.
  • Rooibos matcha & white choc chip (caffeine-free)
    • Benefits: Bone strengthening minerals, boosts brain function and supports weight-loss.
  • Dark choc macaron cookie
    • Benefits: Rich in vitamins and nutrients, lowers cholesterol and bone strengthening minerals
  • Chocolate crinkle cookie (Vegan)
    • Benefits: Rich in nutrients and polyphenols that improve blood flow to the brain
  • Blueberry crinkle cookie (Vegan)
    • Benefits: Rich in nutrients and antioxidants
  • Ginger & molasses (Vegan)
    • Benefits: Bone strengthening minerals, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory
  • Turmeric & agave (Vegan)
    • Benefits: Low glycemic index, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory
  • Rosewater & chamomile shortbread
    • Benefits: Helps with sleep, reduces inflammation, mood enhancer
  • Cappuccino shortbread
    • Benefits: Increases focus, boosts physical energy
  • Lavender & honey shortbread
    • Benefits: Helps with sleep, relaxing, rich in nutrients

*Benefits will vary from person to person.
*Each cookie will contain 5mg of medical-grade organic CBD.

All of our Handcrafted Delights will be available for sale on the Medspresso E-Commerce website medspresso.co very soon. You may subscribe to our newsletter to get timely updates and upcoming promotions.


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