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Markets Looking for the Big Excuse.


“Shares in a British subprime bank tanked by as much as 75% in a matter of minutes Tuesday.” Aug 22, 2017 CNBC

Look, sound and feel familiar?

Two days ago, Provident Financial, (LON:PFG), which offers credit cards and loans to people who are normally turned away by traditional banks, saw it’s share price decline by +- 75%. This is a bank not a biotech, isn’t it? (The shares have since recovered +- 20%)

Markets/Assets in general, globally, have been on a tear. See my post here.

Nothing goes straight up forever – nothing.

Pullbacks and consolidations are a necessary evil. The markets are looking for the Big Excuse so they can retrace.

Some Big Excuse real examples: 

  • China admits to massive corporate fraud in the banking system
  • Chinese property prices tank.
  • US auto loan defaults – all time high.
  • US student loan defaults – all time high.
  • US household credit card debt – all time high.
  • US/Global housing cools.
  • Massive cyber crime.
  • Higher interest rates.
  • Trump/Politics
  • Oil goes from $50 back to $100
  • Cyber or “conventional” war.

The list of reasons why the markets should/will selloff is enormous. We see a far greater possibility of the market (Dow et al.) getting whacked a much needed 25% than continuing to move upwards and setting new highs. (Speaking of highs, have a look at the Player’s Network Video)

Take some off the table and be ready to buy the upcoming panic.

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