Paris Hilton Backs Lydian ICO – Now That’s Hot

At IBR we are always looking for clear signals that enable us to see and feel herd mentality. From a macro perspective, our business model is rather simple. We buy when everybody else is selling and we sell when everybody else is buying, also known as contrarian investing.

Cryptocurrencies and more recently ICO’s have been on a tear. Our very first IBR post was about Bitcoin and how we saw “much more upside ahead for the price of Bitcoin”. We also warned in the same article that once your “Uber driver tells you he is “really” a Bitcoin leveraged day trader, run for the exits.”

We are happy to report Paris Hilton has just handed to us on a silver platter the clearest signal yet of a market gone haywire – ICO’s.

Paris yesterday became the latest in a string of celebrities backing/promoting an ICO.

She wrote: “looking forward to participating in the new LydianCoin — a platform that wants to combine the blockchain with targeted, AI driven digital marketing and advertising services.” (note the word “wants”)

Lydian plans to raise $100M.

(Lydian is run by  advertising-tech company Gravity4, whose CEO Gubaksh Chahal pleaded guilty to assault in 2014 after being accused of beating his girlfriend, and was accused of violating his probation by assaulting another woman.) 

Our sources tell us that this week the SEC will be clamping down big-time on ICO’s being promoted from and to US investors. Trouble ahead for companies that have previously raised or plan on raising capital via an ICO. Many will be asked to return the capital raised – effective immediately, or face very serious consequences.

Look for the entire ICO and cryptocurrency markets to cool and take a breather.

Today’s Crypto Prices (realtime)

Bitcoin = $4174                      Ethereum = $290             Bitcoin Cash = $507           Source

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