$PNTV – Players Network, Added to IBR Watch List


I’ve been watching the over-hyped cannabis sector stocks explode to the upside with very little resistance. The market capitalization of the stocks in the Bloomberg Intelligence Global Cannabis Competitive Peers Index—an equally weighted index of 54 stocks with significant exposure to cannabis-related operations has tripled since the start of 2015. 

One company that has caught my eye that would appear to be significantly undervalued is Players Network, a micro-cap traded on the OTCBB under the trading symbol: PNTV.

The shares have had a bit of a run lately on strong volume. It certainly looks like the trend is your friend on this one and all signals point to much higher prices.


Full Disclosure: I have had a few talks with management as to the big picture and road map for the company. If they can pull off half of what they say this will easily be one of the most exciting cannabis plays out there. More due-diligence in the works. Stay tuned. 

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