Portage ($PRTG) Quietly Up 83% in May, Ready To Rip


While the biotech sell-off and the market meltdown have been extraordinarily loud, Portage Biotech ($PRTG), has quietly been working its science behind the scenes.

Portage has been on a roll in the past month – more than doubling since our last commentary on May 05th. We believe there is much more to come, and that this rally is a sign of early momentum.

A return of 83.6% on your money, in less than a month – is not bad (had you invested of course). 

Average investors would find reasons to still be skeptical, good investors would look to load up now, yet smart high-performance investors have already locked in when the timing was just right.


The biotech industry is struggling – as a lot of investors are pulling out of their uncertain or risky investments. The only time investors can know something for sure, in early-stage biotech companies, is when they read their trial results in the news.

When you read it in the news, it’s already too late.

Portage’s two lead programs are focused on invariant natural killer T-cell (iNKT) agonists for the treatment of solid tumors.

Over the next 12-to-14 months, many analysts are expecting to receive news from both programs and efficacy/proof-of-concept data in melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and other solid tumors in 2022, which should provide significant valuation inflection points. 

Institutional investors and hedge funds have recently bought and sold shares of the company. Here is merely a handful of notable position increases:

      • BlackRock, Inc. grew its holdings in shares of Portage Biotech by 3.16%.
      • State Street Corp. added marginally to their position in shares of Portage Biotech.
      • Renaissance Technologies LLC aggressively increased its position by 36.63%.
      • Vanguard Group, Inc. increased its position by 3.92%.

If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what would.

Our target is $45 USD.


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