Press for Wuhan as Launch in South Africa Approaches?

The much awaited Dr.AnnaRx™ line of CBD infused cosmetics and Medspresso™ line of CBD infused coffees, teas and hot chocolate will be on the shelves across South Africa very soon.

Always nice to see some press coverage. (the article does have a few minor factual inaccuracies however) 

*The Dr.AnnaRx™ and Medspresso™ lines are owned by Wuhan, traded on the otc under the ticker symbol: WUHN


Wuhan launches out into South Africa with coffee, creams and mushrooms

Wuhan General Group has announced that it is to launch CBD cosmetic creams, coffees and medicinal mushrooms in South Africa before a planned expansion across more of the region.

Wuhan General’s California-based subsidiary MJ Medtech has partnered with South African-based Biodelta Nutraceuticals to launch four CBD cosmetic products in the first quarter of 2020 under the brand name Dr AnnaRx. They will be a day cream, a night cream, a skin oil and a tincture.

The companies will also launch Medpresso, a brand of CBD-infused Tanzanian peaberry coffee capsules that are compatible with various pod coffee-making machines.

Anna Morera Leralta (pictured), who will become MJ Medtech’s chief medical officer in April, told CBD-Intel that all the Dr AnnaRx products are infused with pharmaceutical grade CBD sourced from Boulder, Colorado in the US.

Under current South African regulations, CBD products can only contain a maximum daily dose of 20 mg of CBD. Full spectrum products can only have naturally occurring cannabinoids with up to 0.001% THC and 0.0075% CBD.

Targeting ‘medicinal mushrooms’

“We are working with various scientific institutions to back up CBD as a product with rigorous studies and trials,” Leralta said. “We will further, in 2020, introduce a larger range of cosmetic products – inclusive of shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, body washes, and facial toners.”

The company’s CEO and chairman, Jeff Robinson, confirmed plans for MJ Medtech to source CBD from African nations. He said once the first phase has played out in South Africa, other countries in the continent will be targeted for sales through pharmacies, health and wellness outlets, grocery stores and independent coffee shops and restaurants.

The company will further look at the introduction of “medicinal mushrooms” containing various potentially beneficial compounds but without the psychoactive compound psilocybin – much as hemp varieties contain potentially beneficial cannabinoids without high levels of psychoactive THC.

“We are targeting hundreds of other mushrooms for their medicinal value,” Leralta added.

While Wuhan’s corporate head office is in Montreal, Canada, it has an operational office in Cape Town, South Africa, where products are manufactured.

 Kerry Dimmer CBD-Intel contributing writer

Photo: Twitter

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