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Recent Pullback in Player’s Network Shares Offers Huge Opportunity – $PNTV


Player’s Network has attracted a ton of attention over the past months. The share price movement and volumes have been phenomenal to say the least. Some days trading in excess of 20 million shares. Some of you have no doubt traded in and out of the stock a few times as the annualized profit returns were just to big to pass up. (Since the shares hit our Radar List, at their peak they had appreciated by +-400%)

So now that the stock has had it’s initial “hey we’re here moment” what’s next? 

Technically, the stock is consolidating in the +- .10c range and is forming a strong base from which to head northbound. August is a slow month as many investors/traders are away enjoying their holidays. I’ve always loved the saying: “buy them when nobody else wants them and sell them when they all want them”. This is precisely where we stand with $PNTV today at .10c. Nobody is around, it’s a slow month and the stock has retraced 50%. It’s a screaming buy – Our target (for now) remains at .28. 

Screaming Buy (Our new rating system, we hope you like it. Green Bull = We Like It!!!)

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