The Weekly Bull Report

Welcome to the 17th edition of The Weekly Bull Report.

Here’s a short list of content we found interesting and informative over the past 7 days…

? Interesting Articles & News:


  • Legal Weed: How republicans learned to love marijuana.
  • How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump.
  • John McCain, war hero and ‘maverick’ Republican, is dead at 81.




  • We’ll soon have a telescope that will show us the edge of the Universe.
  • Bots and Russian trolls influenced vaccine discussion on Twitter, research finds.




  • Story of a lesbian basketball player: “Hateful comments are pushing people like me out of sports.”
  • Can Amazon ace it in the brutal arena of live sports broadcasting?
  • US Open Tennis 2018 underway. Official website here.

? Noteworthy Stocks and Assets:

  • Jeff spent a few days with Rich Granville, CEO of Yippy, Inc. ($YIPI). Sales for the Yippy Search Appliance are exploding. Shares are very cheap. IBR will be doing a very well deserved corporate update.
  • The current bull market has run since March 2009. In that time, the value of the S&P 500 has increased by 340% – it hit a new record high Friday. While this is the longest bull run on record, it’s not the biggest rise. The bull market leading up to the dotcom bubble saw an increase of over 400%.

? Quotes That Inspire Us:

? Word Of The Week:

  • Yearn  Verb: To desire strongly or persistently.

 Did You Know:

  • Fact: Honey is the only natural food which never spoils.
  • On this day in history: August 27, 1883 – The most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history occurs, volcano known as Krakatau.

? A Must Watch & Listen:

? Books We Are Reading:

? Eye-Catching Tweet:

  • @nospaceformilk: Scream movies would never happen these days because we’re all too anxious to answer the phone.

Our very best wishes for a very fruitful upcoming week! ?

Thank you,

The IBR Team: David, Jeff and Dr. Anna

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Anna Morera Leralta

Medical Doctor specializing in Integrative Medicine and exploring the Medical Cannabis opportunity. Also fascinated by the convergence of Life Sciences and Technology - in particular Artificial Intelligence and how it will affect health care in the future. During my internships and volunteering, I have worked hand-in-hand with well-know physicians and professionals of the Health-Biotech sector. I've been awarded with numerous awards of excellence and scholastic scholarships. I'm a co-founder of an IoT startup that aims to help smokers successfully quit. Born and raised in Barcelona - Spain, with a zest for traveling, learning and expanding my horizons. Always curious, hard-working, open-minded and self-motivated.

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