The Weekly Bull Report

Welcome to our 4th edition of The Weekly Bull Report. A short list of some of the content that we found interesting and informative over the past 7 days.

Wishing everybody a very happy Memorial Day.

Interesting Articles and News:

  • A new study sheds new light on the gut-brain connection and it’s role in neurological disease.
  • Last week the new EU Data Protection rules known as GDPR became a reality.
  • Scientists have developed a specially adapted 3D printer to build therapeutic biomaterials from multiple materials. Read here.
  • GE’s stock plunges toward worst day in 9 years after CEO John Flannery starts talking.
  • There’s an AI revolution sweeping across the world. Yet few people know the real story about where this technology came from and why it suddenly took off – Watch this latest episode of Hello World with Ashlee Vance  here.
  • Coca-Cola’s new soda machine lets you mix your own flavors via Bluetooth. The Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100 will reportedly be unveiled at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) trade show in Chicago this weekend.
  • How a company with a blood-testing machine that could never perform as touted went from billion-dollar baby to complete bust. How did Theranos deceive so many? Here’s an additional video from CBS news on this scandal.
  • Can the cult of Berkshire Hathaway outlive Warren Buffett? Read here.

Quotes We Like:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

 “People ask, ‘What’s the best role you’ve ever played?’ The next one.”– Kevin Kline

A Must Watch and Listen:

“We get stronger, not weaker, by engaging with ideas and people we disagree with”, says Zachary R. Wood in his engaging Ted Talk entitled Why It’s Worth Listening To People You Disagree With.

A fascinating and informative episode of The Knowledge Podcast with guest Dan Ariely. For the better part of three decades, Dan has been immersed in researching why humans do some of the silly, irrational things we do. And yes, as much as we’d all like to be exempt, that includes you too. Listen to Irrationality, Bad Decisions, and the Truth About Lies.

The British monarchy took a step toward progress on May 19, 2018, with the wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle of Los Angeles, California. One of the most beautiful and important moments in the wedding ceremony of the prince and Markle, who has a black mother and white father, was a gospel performance of “Stand By Me” by The Kingdom Choir conducted by Karen Gibson.

Books we are reading:

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup” (2018) by John Carreyrou. Carreyrou broke the story about the Theranos fraud despite pressure and intimidation from lawyers even as the blood-testing company’s valuation approached $10 billion. But what really makes this such an amazing tale is how many people failed to do even the most basic due diligence, relying instead on the roster of all-star investors and directors. Everyone just assumed everyone else had checked out the company, its leaders and even the basic science behind its technology. It was a recipe for disaster; Theranos founder and Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Holmes has already settled accusations of securities fraud.

To your success,

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