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‘The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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Erudite adj. Deep, extensive learning. “He has a reputation as an erudite intellectual with a deep understanding of the issues.”

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Shakespeare’s name was spelled at least 80 ways

There are more than 80 variations recorded for the spelling of Shakespeare’s name. In the few original signatures that have survived, Shakespeare spelt his name “Willm Shaksp,” “William Shakespe,” “Wm Shakspe,” “William Shakspere,” ”Willm Shakspere,” and “William Shakspeare”. There are no records of him ever having spelt it “William Shakespeare”, as we know him today. ?

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Reason for Divorce

The other day at work I ran into Tom.
We chatted over lunch and he dropped a bombshell on me.
“Rodney,” he said, “Becky and I are going to get a divorce.”
I was stunned.
What happened, you two seem so happy together.”
“Well,” he said, “ever since we got married, my wife has tried to change me. She got me to stop drinking, smoking, running around at all hours of the night and more. She taught me how to dress well, enjoy the fine arts, gourmet cooking, classical music and how to invest in the stock market.”
“Are you a little bitter because she spent so much time trying to change you.” I probed.
“Nah, I’m not bitter. Now that I’m so improved, she just isn’t good enough for me.”

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