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Welcome to the 192nd edition of The Weekly Bull Report.

Where is Fauci? 🤔

Here’s a shortlist of the content we found interesting and informative over the past week…


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🚨 Investment Opportunity: Humanpeople 🧬

Brought to you by Longevity Technology:

Humanpeople is a preventative health platform helping people fix everyday health issues while reducing their risk of chronic disease. 👩‍🔬

By combining AI technology, diagnostic testing, medical evidence, and algorithmic analysis, Humanpeople profiles the exact needs of an individual at a point in time and provides tailored solutions to meet those needs.

CEO and co-founder is a successful clinician and entrepreneur. He formed Humanpeople on the back of his own clinical experience as a doctor, backed up by clinical research, showing that the early signs of ill health are there long before they appear and that many chronic conditions are in fact preventable. Humanpeople is CQC registered for health and diagnostic screening. 🔬

Previously raised £100k to build an MVP and run a successful pilotNow looking to close a £400k round at £2.7 million pre-money valuation in the interests of closing ASAP and gaining traction before a further raise in 12-18 months.

➡️ Link to the deck ⬅️



Earnings spotlight:

Monday, March 7: Ciena (NYSE:CIEN).

Tuesday, March 8: Dick’s Sporting Goods (NYSE:DKS), MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB), Petco Health and Wellness (NASDAQ:WOOF), Casey’s General Stores (NASDAQ:CASY), Stitch Fix (NASDAQ:SFIX).

Wednesday, March 9: United Natural Foods (NYSE:UNFI), REV GRoup (NYSE:REVG) and Crowdstrike (NASDAQ:CRWD).

Thursday, March 10: (NASDAQ:JD), Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), Docusign (NASDAQ:DOCU) and Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ:RIVN).

 Friday, March 11: Ballard Power (NASDAQ:BLDP).


IPOs expected to start trading this week:

Quiet periods end on Safety Quick (NASDAQ:SKYX), Modular Medical (NASDAQ:MODD) and Heartcore Enterprises (NASDAQ:HTCR) on March 8, as well as Arena Group (NYSEMKT:AREN) and TC Biopharm (NASDAQ:TCBP) on March 8.


What Moved the Markets:

U.S. Indices
Dow -1.3% to 33,615. S&P 500 -1.3% to 4,329. Nasdaq -2.8% to 13,313. Russell 2000 -2.4% to 1,992. CBOE Volatility Index +15.9% to 31.98.

S&P 500 Sectors
Consumer Staples -0.1%. Utilities +4.8%. Financials -4.9%. Telecom -2.7%. Healthcare +1.2%. Industrials +1.2%. Information Technology -3.%. Materials -1.6%. Energy +9.3%. Consumer Discretionary -2.6%.

World Indices
London -6.7% to 6,987. France -10.2% to 6,062. Germany -10.1% to 13,095. Japan -1.9% to 25,985. China -0.1% to 3,448. Hong Kong -3.8% to 21,905. India -2.7% to 54,334.

Commodities and Bonds
Crude Oil WTI +25.6% to $115.03/bbl. Gold +4.6% to $1,974.3/oz. Natural Gas +10.% to 4.917. Ten-Year Bond Yield +1.5 bps to 1.737.

Forex and Cryptos
EUR/USD -3.04%. USD/JPY -0.64%. GBP/USD -1.33%. Bitcoin -0.3%. Litecoin -7.5%. Ethereum -5.8%. XRP +1.3%.

Top S&P 500 Gainers
Occidental Petroleum (NYSE:OXY) +45%. The Kroger (NYSE:KR) +27%. The Mosaic (NYSE:MOS) +21%. APA (NASDAQ:APA) +17%. Coterra Energy (NYSE:CTRA) +17%.

Top S&P 500 Losers
EPAM Systems (NYSE:EPAM) -48%. Viatris (NASDAQ:VTRS) -30%. IPG Photonics (NASDAQ:IPGP) -24%. Aptiv (NYSE:APTV) -22%. PVH (NYSE:PVH) -21%.


🎯 Stocks On Our Radar:


🏆 Quotes That Inspire Us:

”Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

– Albert Einstein


📖 Word Of The Week:

Plight | plite |, noun – a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation: “We must direct our efforts towards relieving the plight of children living in poverty.”


Did You Know:

The circulatory system is more than 60,000 miles long. 🫁

If a child’s entire circulatory system—we’re talking veins, arteries, and capillaries—were laid out flat, it would stretch for more than 60,000 miles, according to the Franklin Institute. By the time we reach adulthood, our bodies have become home to approximately 100,000 miles of blood vessels.


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🤣 One-Liners:

Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America? 🇺🇸


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📆 Upcoming Events:

The UK’s largest event for private investors, 19 March 2022. 💷

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