The Weekly Bull Report – March 31, 2019 ?

Welcome to the 46th edition of The Weekly Bull Report.

Here’s a short list of content we found interesting and informative over the past 7 days…

? Interesting Articles & News:





  • What’s really driving disruption (it’s not technology). Read here.
  • The real estate transaction is broken. Tech companies want to fix it. ?
  • Wells Fargo + Mastercard CEOs still skeptical about Blockchain’s impact. ⛓



  • Nine reasons why Disney+ will succeed. (and why four criticisms are overhyped)
  • How magic influences our beliefs. And, a magician explains why we see what’s not there(2 fascinating articles) ?


  • CB1 Capital Management CIO on pharmacy chains entering cannabis space. Watch here. ?
  • Khiron Life Sciences  ($KHRN) LATAM-Only focus makes it unique. (and caries geopolitical risk not to be ignored)
  • Bill designed to help cannabis industry use banks moves forward. ?
  • Tom Brokaw is medical marijuana’s newest fan for cancer pain relief.
  • CBD expected to have explosive growth in European Union. ??
  • Cannabis retailer MedMen’s ($MMEN) financial troubles are a warning for the marijuana industry. ?
  • The battle to legalize cannabis in Spain. Read more here.



? Noteworthy Stocks & Assets:

  • Investing in China: All bets are off. Read about it here.
  • The enormous numbers behind Amazon’s ($AMZN) market reach. ?
  • Factoid: The S&P 500’s 12.3% gain so far for the first quarter is its best quarterly gain in nearly a decade and its best start to the year since 1998.
  • Lyft ($LYFT) goes public. Read more here + here and here. (ridiculous valuation – will be a huge short opportunity soon)
  • S&P Global CEO: “I think the Correction is over”. ?
  • Wuhan/MJ Medtech ($WUHN) Updates on Hemp and CBD-Based Products Line. ??
  • Bristol-Myers ($BMY) gets ISS support for Celgene ($CELG) takeover; Starboard drops opposition. ?
  • Uber is rumored to be planning to go public in April, and could fetch an astronomical valuation of more than $100 billion.
  • Pinterest is likely to debut on the public market next month.
  • Slack, after confidentially filing to go public, is rumored to be the first business software company to opt for a direct listing rather than a traditional IPO.
  • Airbnb’s listing could come as soon as June of this year.
  • He was once a macro God. Hedge fund legend Alan Howard mounts a comeback.?Majority of bitcoin trading is a hoax, new study finds.


? Quotes That Inspire Us: 

  • ”Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death.” – James F. Byrnes
  • ‘The more you learn, the more you earn.”? – Frank Clark


? Word Of The Week: 

  • Vociferous (vo·cif·er·ous) adj Characterized by vehemence, clamour, or noisiness: “A vociferous crowd.”


 Did You Know: 

  • Fact: Did you know that it is physically impossible for you to lick your elbow. Almost everyone reading this will try to lick their elbow.
  • On this day in history: March 31, 1889 the Eiffel Tower officially opens in Paris. Built for the Exposition Universelle, at 300m high it retains the record for the tallest man made structure for 41 years.


? A Must Watch & Listen:

? Books We Are Reading:

  • The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health – By Justin Sonnenburg & Erica Sonnenburg
    This book offers a new plan for health that focuses on how to nourish your microbiota, including recipes and a menu plan. Caring for our gut microbes may be the most important health choice we can make.
  • The Border: A Novel – By Don Winslow
    What do you do when there are no borders? When the lines you thought existed simply vanish?  How do you plant your feet to make a stand when you no longer know what side you’re on?


? Feel Good Sunday:


? One Liners:

  • If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? ?
  • Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?
  • Is there another word for synonym? ?


? Upcoming Events:

  • Master Investor Show 2019: Business Design Centre, London – 6 April 2019
    Get FREE tickets using the code IBR19!

Our very best wishes for a brilliant upcoming week! ??

Respectfully yours,

The IBR Team

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Anna Morera Leralta

Medical Doctor specializing in Integrative Medicine and exploring the Medical Cannabis opportunity. Also fascinated by the convergence of Life Sciences and Technology - in particular Artificial Intelligence and how it will affect health care in the future. During my internships and volunteering, I have worked hand-in-hand with well-know physicians and professionals of the Health-Biotech sector. I've been awarded with numerous awards of excellence and scholastic scholarships. I'm a co-founder of an IoT startup that aims to help smokers successfully quit. Born and raised in Barcelona - Spain, with a zest for traveling, learning and expanding my horizons. Always curious, hard-working, open-minded and self-motivated.

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