The Weekly Bull Report – October 18, 2021 🗞

Welcome to the 172nd edition of The Weekly Bull Report.

Michigan Schools cancel Halloween and Valentine’s Day to be more ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Equitable’.

Here’s a shortlist of the content we found interesting and informative over the past week…


🤔 Interesting Articles & News:


















💲 Noteworthy Stocks & Assets:


Earnings spotlight:

Monday, October 18: Albertsons (NYSE:ACI) and State Street (NYSE:STT).

Tuesday, October 19: Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG), Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM), Travelers (NYSE:TRV), United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL), Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Canadian National Railway (NYSE:CNI).

Wednesday, October 20: Anthem (NYSE:ANTM), Verizon (NYSE:VZ), Abbott Labs (NYSE:ABT), Biogen (NASDAQ:BIIB), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), Lam Research (NASDAQ:LRCX), Kinder Morgan (NYSE:KMI) and Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:LVS).

Thursday, October 21: Philip Morris International In (PM), AT&T (NYSE:T), Dow (NYSE:DOW), American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL), AutoNation (NYSE:AN), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Whirlpool (NYSE:WHR), Chipotle (NYSE:CMG), Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT), IBM (IBM), Snap (NYSE:SNAP) and Boston Beer (NYSE:SAM).

Friday, October 22: American Express (NYSE:AXP) and Honeywell (NASDAQ:HON).


IPO watch:

Another busy week is setting up in the IPO market with as many as eight new offerings on tap. Biofrontera (BFRI), Marpai (MRAI), Enfusion (ENFN), P10 (PX), Portillo’s (PTLO), Vita Coco (COCO), Winc (WBEV) and Aris Water Solutions (ARIS) (BFRI) are all expected to price their IPOs and begin trading. IPO lockups periods expire on Double Verify (NYSE:DV), KnowBe4 (NASDAQ:KNBE), NeuroPace (NASDAQ:NPCE), Latham Group (NASDAQ:SWIM), Agiliti (NYSE:AGTI), Treace Medical Concepts (NASDAQ:TMCI), Rain Therapeutics (NASDAQ:RAIN), Impel Neuropharma (NASDAQ:IMPL) and Zymergen (NASDAQ:ZY). The most interesting analyst quiet period expiration may be on Toast (NYSE:TOST), with shares up sharply from their pricing level.

What Moved The Markets Last Week:

U.S. Indices
Dow +1.6% to 35,295. S&P 500 +1.8% to 4,471. Nasdaq +2.2% to 14,897. Russell 2000 +1.7% to 2,271. CBOE Volatility Index -13.2% to 16.3.

S&P 500 Sectors
Consumer Staples +1.2%. Utilities +1.4%. Financials +1.2%. Telecom -0.4%. Healthcare +0.8%. Industrials +1.9%. Information Technology +2.6%. Materials +3.6%. Energy +1.2%. Consumer Discretionary +3.6%.

World Indices
London +2.% to 7,234. France +2.6% to 6,728. Germany +2.5% to 15,587. Japan +3.6% to 29,069. China -0.6% to 3,572. Hong Kong +2.% to 25,331. India +2.1% to 61,306.

Commodities and Bonds
Crude Oil WTI +4.% to $82.53/bbl. Gold +0.6% to $1,768.2/oz. Natural Gas -2.6% to 5.422. Ten-Year Treasury Yield -0.1% to 130.95.

Forex and Cryptos
EUR/USD +0.29%. USD/JPY +1.81%. GBP/USD +1.02%. Bitcoin +11.8%. Litecoin +5.4%. Ethereum +8.3%. Ripple -1.5%.

Top Stock Gainers
Xiaobai Maimai (NASDAQ:HX) +107%. Jasper Therapeutics (NASDAQ:JSPR) +106%. Adamas Pharma (NASDAQ:ADMS) +75%. Protagonist Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PTGX) +70%. Huadi International Group (NASDAQ:HUDI) +69%.

Top Stock Losers
Aerocentury (NYSE:ACY) -32%. Aerovate Therapeutics (NASDAQ:AVTE) -30%. Cortexyme (NASDAQ:CRTX) -28%. Futu Holdings (NASDAQ:FUTU) -27%. Pavmed (NASDAQ:PAVM) -26%.


🎯 Stocks On Our Radar:


🏆 Quotes That Inspire Us:

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”– Soren Kierkegaard


📖 Word Of The Week:

Ubiquitous [yoo·bi·kwuh·tuhs] adj.present, appearing, or found everywhere: his ubiquitous influence was felt by all the family” | “cowboy hats are ubiquitous among the male singers”.


Did You Know:

There are Three Categories of Black Holes. 🕳

1) Primordial Black holes – These are the smallest of black holes and range from an atom’s size to a mountain’s mass.

2) Stellar Black Holes – These are the most common of black holes and they can be up to 20 times more massive than the Sun. There is also a variety of these all over the Milky Way.

3) Supermassive Black Holes – These are the largest of black holes, being more than 1 million times more massive than the Sun.


📚 Books We Are Reading:

  1. Tom Mueller on Crisis of Conscience Whistleblowing In an Age of Fraud
  2. No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us by Rachel Louise Snyder
  3. Savage Appetites: Four True Stories of Women, Crime, and Obsession by Rachel Monroe
  4. Hollywood’s Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L.A. by Lili Anolik


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