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Truffle Report Interview with M2Bio Sciences CEO Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson M2Bio Sciences

Psychedelic industry-focused business and investment website, Truffle Report, spoke with M2Bio Sciences CEO Jeff Robinson last week to discuss the state of the psychedelic sector and his company’s plans for 2021.

Prior to launching M2Bio Sciences in 2018, Jeff worked in the financial services sector for over 35 years and has been involved in numerous successful companies in the tech, biotech, and artificial intelligence industries.

He explains his early fascination with how the brain works and his concerns about depression and other psychiatric disorders:

“What intrigued me in the psychedelic space was that we’re able to turn the brain on and off in certain receptors to do certain things. Why do people get addicted to alcohol? What receptor causes us to become addicted? How can we develop something to address that?”

With plans to begin human trials for psychedelic therapies in 2021, the company’s research department will be focusing on treatments in three areas: alcohol dependency,  inflammation, and cardiology.

“We stumbled upon it by accident, which is one of the great things about science. We continued down that path, and we’ve had some incredible results as it relates to cardiology in live animals. We hope to deal with certain diseases related to cardiology using psychedelics.” said Robinson.

When asked about the rapidly growing psychedelics industry and its parallels with the cannabis boom of recent years, he highlighted concerns around standardization and regulation of psilocybin and cannabis products.

“There are so many different strains out there that we see a lot of gene pollution in the strains of cannabis. When you’re (making) medicinal cannabis … you need to make sure that it is always the same, that you’re delivering a consistent product to the marketplace.”

He explained that his company aims to set a standard of quality and consistency for the medicinal psilocybin and cannabis industries by utilizing tokenization and blockchain technology to account for every part of the production process.

“It is extremely important that we all know at the end of the day: Where is our product coming from? Where was it grown? Under what conditions? What type of soil was it grown in? We need regulation, and hopefully, we can be a world leader in bringing that type of regulation and technology into the industry.”

Robinson emphasized the importance of understanding that there still isn’t a legal market for psilocybin. As a result, companies shouldn’t be racing to get their psilocybin-based product to the market. Rather, the focus should be on the long-term process of drug discovery:

Drug discovery takes years, not hours. Everyone needs to be prepared for quite some time to pass to get the types of results that we can deliver to people.”

If you would like to read the full article, you can find it here.

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