Two New Megatrend ETFs – Cyber Security ? and Medicinal Cannabis ?

Brand new European ETF provider Rize ETF has launched its first two ETFs: the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy ETF, and the Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences ETF.

Both of the ETFs will be listed on the Frankfurt and London stock exchanges.


Rize Cybersecurity and Data Privacy UCITS ETF (CYBR)

CYBR is Europe’s most progressive cybersecurity ETF and provides investors with exposure to a booming industry propelled by fresh concerns for data privacy around the world.

The ETF seeks to provide exposure across 45 companies engaged in offering protection against cyber threats and maintaining data privacy.

Companies that are engaged in aerospace and defence spaces are excluded from CYBR.

The Total Expense Ratio is 0.45%.

View the full list of holdings here.


Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences UCITS ETF (FLWR)

FLWR provides exposure to cannabinoid-derived medicine and wellness products across 23 companies, including companies from Australia, Israel, China, Colombia, Switzerland and the UK all included, alongside more familiar names in the US and Canada.

The ETF also includes a capped 10% exposure to “Big Pharma” companies that are taking steps to enter the cannabis market.

Any firms that are non-compliant with the relevant laws or are involved in the production of recreational cannabis are excluded from FLWR.

The Total Expense Ratio is 0.65%.

View the full list of holdings here.


Luka Marjanovic


Luka holds a Bachelor’s in International Business and a Master’s in International Management. During his undergraduate studies he worked as a research assistant in the field of Big Data; founded his own consulting firm providing services to local SME's in various sectors and invested in the capital markets; as well as working pro-bono providing education and career counselling. Prior to his business education, he studied Biology-and-Biotechnology, and served in the Danish Royal Army as Second Sergeant, leading and managing a group under extreme conditions and pressure. Luka has spent significant time abroad, living and working in seven different countries. When he's not in the office, he's chasing the next gusts windsurfing, carving the mountain snowboarding or out in the forest for a jog.