Yippy, Inc Hits IBR Radar

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Finding gems and extraordinary opportunities that offer serious upside (or downside) is what we do at IBR. We spend oodles of time researching and getting to know management. If everything checks out, we pass along our thoughts to you, our bright subscribers, before the herd gets involved.

I was introduced to Yippy CEO and Founder Richard GranvilleΒ a few months ago. We hit it off immediately as search and data are disciplines dear to both our hearts and both are very open for huge disruption. Imagine a much faster and more relevant search engine that actually delivered the results you are most likely looking for. Priceless.

IBM own 7% and GlobalStar own 18% of the outstanding Yippy shares.

I will be delving deep into Yippy in the coming weeks with a full report.

The upside for this special situation is absolutely ginormous.

Stay tuned, this is your early opportunity alert.

The shares are listed on the OTCBB under the symbol YIPI and currently trade around $0.45

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